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About Me

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I know how hard it can be to juggle all the aspects of your business. You need clear branding, a content strategy, and an Instagram grid that makes you stand out from your competitors.


The thought makes most people shudder. But not me! I love that stuff, so that’s what I do. I take the branding, content and socials out of your hands so you can get back to making and selling incredible products and services.


With my help, you’ll have a clear plan and action that aligns with your vision. Our mission as a studio is to help businesses thrive and optimise on their potential. We’re not just your average Social Media and Marketing agency, we focus on building strong relationships with you and your business.


We are here to work with you. Together, we’ll create a brand that’s identifiable across your social media platforms, with messages and visuals that your customers can’t help but love.

Note from, 

Kriti Chitturi ( Founder ) 

"Nothing makes me happier than to see a business thrive and truly become their best self!"

I've always been a creative person and truly enjoyed finding beauty in the simple and mundane aspects of life.

After a degree from Nottingham Trent in International Fashion Business, I combined my love for Social media along with my Business foundation and started working with brands and business owners who aim to leave an impact with everything they do. 

I now work with clients from around the globe and help them build and elevate their online presence. 

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