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So grab a cookie (or two or three), settle in, and let's make this read a real treat!



the heart and soul of our website, with all the juicy details about who we are, what we do, and our love for island life. So, grab your virtual sunscreen and dive in to discover more about us!

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Welcome to our island of creativity. We are a Social Media and Marketing Business that is a Maven for creative, bold, and driven brands like you. Inspired by tropical lushness and slow island living.


Our mantra is simple: a little business, a little passion, and a whole lot of fun. Zoom meetings with some pastries are a must, no matter where in the world you're based.

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Life's too short to stress about your online presence, so let's bring some colour, emotion and magic to your feed.

With a little personality and a lot of charm, we’ll help you attract the perfect audience and create a sustainable brand that’s as unique as you are.


So let’s ditch the salesy posts and embrace the quirks that make your brand truly shine! Say goodbye to boring marketing and hello to sunshine and coconuts!

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 Spark joy


we're in this together

with a dash of strategy, a sprinkle of intention,
and a generous helping of purpose, we create visually stunning and purpose-driven content
that leave a lasting impact for your audience.

 involving playful and creative approaches to social media and marketing, encouraging you to take risks and try new things. Helping you find ways to inject a sense of joy and excitement into the process.

​we don't just inspire - we nurture, too! We're like your brand's BFF, cheering you on every step of the way and always there to lend a helping hand. We don't just work for you - we work with you, as part of your team.

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hi, I''m Kriti Chitturi

founder + cREATOR

Marketing and Social media has been a part of me since I was a young coconut. Starting a blog at the early age of 15,  helped me develop an eye for all things content and social media with each passing day.

I've spent a couple of my early years living in a small town in France and the UK, which opened my eyes to the beauty of different cultures and ways of living. After graduating with a degree in International Fashion Business from Nottingham Trent University. I combined my love for social media with my business foundation and found my true calling.

My love for nature, island and tropical living has brought me to Bali, where I reside between there and India. As a creative person, I always find beauty in the simple and mundane aspects of life and I love taking inspiration from the world around me.


When I'm not working and if there's one thing I'm passionate about (besides social media, of course), it's desserts. Give me a slice of cake or a scoop of ice cream, and I'm a happy camper. So, whether I'm creating a social media strategy for a client or whipping up a batch of my favourite brownies, you can bet that I'm always putting my heart and soul into everything I do.


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