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thank you, you're all set!

High-fives and virtual confetti all around! Your Disco call with us is confirmed, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

FAQ for Our Disco Calls

q1 Why do we have Discovery Calls?

These calls are like our virtual coffee date. We want to get to know you better, chat through your ideas, and figure out the best marketing direction for your unique brand. It's all about you, and it's super chill.

q2 I'm still not sure about what I want?

No worries! That's what our Disco calls are for. Think of it as brainstorming with a friend while enjoying some delicious pastries. We're here to guide you through and help you find your marketing groove. Say goodbye to nerves – it's going to be a breeze!

q3 anything I NEED TO PREPARE before the call?

Nope, you don't need to bring a suitcase of ideas with you. Just bring your vision, and we'll take it from there. If you already have a clear picture of what you want, we can't wait to dive into it together.

q4  Can I get in touch before our disco call?

You're never alone on this journey. Feel free to drop us an email or shoot us a message on Instagram anytime. 

q5 How long does a Discovery Call usually last?

On average, it's about 25-30 minutes. But hey, if the conversation is flowing and we're having a blast, we can stretch it a bit! 

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